Offering Tips To Movers In Sydney

Just like other types of service providers, movers should also be recognized particularly for doing a good job in transporting your belongings safely and securely. One way to do this is to give them a tip. Yes, movers in Sydney do not normally expect to be given a tip. However, for an outstanding service, you can make an exception.

The tip that you give will definitely be appreciated as it simply shows that you recognize the crews’ effort, hard work and professionalism in helping move your things to a different location. As you know, moving can be stressful as you have to pay attention to everything, and that includes the way you deal with the crew of your selected mover company. So, here are a few suggestions on how to keep them happy and on their feet.

•    Considering that moving is a difficult and demanding work, it would only be reasonable to give the crew some soda, bottled water or sports drink.

•    There have been people who buy lunch for the crew in place of giving them a tip. That is actually fine. While other individuals would prefer to give the crew both a tip and free lunch. Do what makes you feel comfortable doing. If you choose to buy them food for lunch, it is best that you inquire their food choice as a lot of people would usually get them pizza. So could you actually imagine how much pizza they have had for just that month?

•    The tip that you offer the crew should not be based upon the amount of possessions that are stuffed to the vehicle. It has to be based on the distance that the moving van or truck will travel. For instance, if it takes half a day to get to the place, a $10 tip per individual is deemed proper. For one whole day, $20 is the recommended tip.

•    According to several of the crew from movers in Sydney, when you give a tip, make sure that you give each worker the tip as opposed to giving the total amount to the driver or foreman.

•    You need to avoid providing the crew some bottles of beer after the move as this is against the rules of every moving company. In addition, it might place the workers vulnerable or cause some liability issues.

Giving tips to the workers is only but proper considering that they have worked hard in moving your possessions and ensuring that they are free of any damage. Naturally, you have already paid the movers in Sydney the fees they require but you must also consider the people working to haul your things to a different location.

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